How To Use Google Gravity Tricks In PC

We all are well aware with the functionality of Google. It is the world's best search engine which can search almost everything in this entire universe. We all must have used Google extensively in our every day's to find n number of things or submit our tricky homework or solve our difficult office assignments.Have you ever noticed the blank page with Google Doodle and wondered about it? It is nothing but an amazing trick called Google Gravity.This simple tricks can be done by typing the header in the seach box. Here Is more tricks like anti gravity google.

1.Google Guitar

Google Guitar is amazing trick that converts the search box surround into a guitar. With the help of your mouse or gesture you can pluck a string and you are good to go. You can experiment and also play well know songs.It is a fun trick to engage yourself.So, what are you waiting for, enjoy google guitar.

2.Google Underwater

Google Underwater is a best trick will all sea lover will enjoy.It is very relaxing and you can enjoy the entire time spent in google underwater. It triggers being underwater and drops the search box into the ocean with sea creatures swimming all around it. It’s simple and soothing.

3.Google Sphere

Google Sphere is yet another mind blowing trick , it keeps you amuses for a couple of minutes.t The old Google screen from the era of 1990s appears and the search box remains static and all the text around it rotates in a circular motion creating a sphere.It could be similar to that of Pacman but definitely is entertaining. Let's read more about google anti gravity.

4.Epic Google

This amazing google gravity trick allows you to perform an Epic Search rather feeling lucky you can feel EXCESSIVE. The search engine will perform its regular function.It is fun for few minutes.

5.Zerg Rush

The final Google Gravity trick worth trying is Zerg Rush. All gamer are well aware of Zerg Rush and it is amazing trick that actively obstructs the searching process but it is actually a fun to watch it.

6.Google Zero Gravity

Google Zero Gravity is the most common but entertaining trick to enjoy;It does same activity each time but it is fun to watch.After the action is complete, the search box can be used.

7.Google Space

Google Space is triggers zero gravity in an fun and interesting manner. It does mind blowing things and is funny to watch. It will annoy those who would prefer things in ordered manner.

8.Google Pacman

Google Pacman is a wonderful trick which is functional for a few minutes. All you need is to hit the Insert Coin and play a quick game within the browser. It is a traditional game but it is challenging and entertaining at the same time.

9.Google Terminal

This one is for the coding guy.It converts the search page into MS-DOS-style code terminal. It may appear difficult initially but it is actually very easy to use. The regular search and I’m feeling lucky options are little harder to find but it is fun to explore.

10.Funny Google

Funny Google is for those who enjoy every single silly joke. It is the regular google main page with another window below called ‘Set another name’. Type a word of your choice into the box, click Enter and that word replaces google above the search box.
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